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【學術演講】2017/6/5(一) 11:50 王怡人醫師 ─ Paving the way of personalized medicine in allergic diseases
時間:106年6月5日 (一) 11:50 – 12:50
題目:Paving the way of personalized medicine in allergic diseases
Personalized medicine is of wide application for allergic diseases in the context of a better selection of treatment responders, risk prediction, and disease-modifying strategies. Validation and quantification of biomarkers are necessary to allow the translation into practice for disease management. With the coming of the era of Big Data and machine learning, the data that individuals gather through wearable devices for personal health will enable deeper phenotyping and real-time profiling of environmental exposures. Birth cohorts combined with environmental data and systems biology have proposed a novel approach to develop early indicators for the prediction, prevention, diagnosis, and personalized therapeutics for allergic diseases.
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