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【HSR暑期會議】2017/9/8(五) 09:10 李守義教授─An Organizational Perspective of Implementation Science
時間:106年9月8日 (五) 09:10 – 10:00
地點:台灣研發型生技新藥發展協會(台北市忠孝東路六段465-1 號1 樓)
主講人:李守義教授 (美國密西根大學醫療管理與政策系教授)
題目:An Organizational Perspective of Implementation Science
Implementation science, defined as the scientific study of strategies and methods to promote the systematic uptake of research findings and other evidence-based practices into routine practice, is aimed to bridge the science-to-service (knowing-doing) gap.  We live in an “organization society.”  Organizations are where most of the evidence-based practices are implemented.  The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the importance of organizational contexts in implementation and discuss how evidence accumulated through decades of organizational studies may contribute to advancing the emerging field of implementation science.
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